Tracking sessions and site navigation thanks to our new analytics Tag

Benjamin Carro

In charge of Webmarketing at Powerspace, Native Advertising platform for newsletter.

10 August 2017

Powerspace announces today the release of its new Analytics Tag, allowing advertisers to measure precisely their campaign  traffic quality thanks to the tracking of site-centric navigation and behavioral information.

This new feature will allow advertisers and agencies to visualise new performance metrics such as “sessions”, “page views” or “average session duration”, which are normally only accessible using web analytics tools like Google analytics. As Guillaume Lafond – Powerspace co-founder & CEO – underlines, this new technology lets Powerspace have a much better view of the overall performance funnel  by providing detailed statistics of what exactly happens between clics and conversions, broken down by campaign, creative of ad positions.

Lastly, this new Analytics Tag also significantly improves the cross-device conversion tracking attribution by reducing the usage of third party cookies.

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