Advertiser & agency solutions

Direct buy platform

Direct access to
exclusive native supply

Through it direct buy platform, Powerspace gives marketers direct access to its exclusive media supply and allow them to setup advanced data-driven campaigns, targeted or re-targeted on specific audience segments.

Media Strategies

The right audience
for the right strategy

Powerspace data architecture has been designed for people-based marketing solutions. By identifying real users across all devices using encrypted Ids, Powerspace offers highly effective targeting and re-marketing solutions.

Target new audiences

Acquire new visitors, leads and customers Audience targeting
  • Gender, Age
  • Location, Interests
  • Devices, time of the day
Look-a-like targeting
  • Similar audiences based on CRM files
Audience Exclusion
  • Exclude existing clients and visitors

Re-target prospects

Re-engage and convert site visitors and prospect CRM re-targeting
  • Convert prospects into clients
  • Re-activate old customers
Behavioral re-targeting
  • Re-target site visitors
  • Re-target custom behavioral patterns

Re-engage customers

Increase sales frequency and boost customer loyalty CRM re-marketing
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Bring offline customers online
  • Upsell new products or services
  • Push sales operation

CRM onboarding

the Power of data

Powerspace data architecture has been designed for people-based marketing solutions and allows brands to target real users, identified on all their devices.

Billions of navigation and behavioral data are captured across our media network, stored in our private DMP, and re-matched to individual profiles, using an internal encrypted ID based on hashed emails and consistent on all devices.

CRM onboarding

Powerspace CRM data onboarding capabilities enable marketers to upload encrypted customers segments directly to the platform, and create specific targeting based on their offline CRM data.

Website analytics

Powerspace behavioral tag captures on-site navigation data, and lets marketers re-target custom segments based on advanced website behaviors.

Native creative specifications

Beautiful & engaging
native creative

In an era of increasing commercial pressure towards consumers, traditional advertising is becoming every day less efficient.

Native advertising has been proven to be a great answer to this problem.

Media Network

media inventory

Powerspace gives marketers access to exclusive media supply, totalizing 1billion monthly impressions on more than 150 native ad placements

Direct buy platform

Platform with
Maximum Transparency

Transparency is one of the core values of Powerspace. We believe marketers and advertisers need a full vision of their spending to take informed decisions. Our platform offers comprehensive and real-time dashboard, including a vision of budget spent across each publisher website.

Advanced Targeting

Powerspace direct buy platform offers comprehensive targeting capabilities, allowing marketers to adapt their campaign to all their media strategies


Devices & OS



Real time report

Powerspace provides advertisers with all the necessary reports, allowing them to follow their campaigns results in real time, broken down by creative, devices, websites.

By Creative

Acquire new visitors, leads and customers

By Device Type

Acquire new visitors, leads and customers

By Website

Acquire new visitors, leads and customers