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CRM Re-targeting: 3 Examples of Winning Strategies

“Using CRM segments to improve the targeting of online acquisition campaigns has become crucial” Over the past few years, designing targeted digital campaigns using offline CRM files has become standard on all main ad platforms, such as Facebook Ads (custom audience), Google Adwords (customer match) and Twitter (tailored audience). With millions of logged in users, offering […]

The Editorial Approach, a Key Aspect of Native Advertising

In all on- and offline ad channels, the message is the most important element of a campaign’s success, regardless of your goals and KPIs. In native advertising, ad formats offer fewer creative possibilities than videos, banners or even email. The final render of a native creative is even designed to match the editor’s graphic charter, […]

4 Simple Rules for Effective A/B Testing

A/B testing is the most common, simple and effective technique to improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Yet so many marketeers take unclear conclusions and wrong decisions that might lead to decreasing performances over time. By following these 4 simple rules and good practices, any marketeer should be able to successfully plan, implement and validate […]

The Recipe for Trashy Native Advertising

Published a few weeks ago, this short video from South Park is the perfect illustration of the trashy side of Native Advertising, where publishers and platforms do everything on purpose to fool the users. I call this new “publishing” business Content Affiliation. It consists in building a site with some content, buying lots of traffic […]