Powerspace Ads launches its proprietary CRM re-targeting technology

Benjamin Carro

In charge of Webmarketing at Powerspace, Native Advertising platform for newsletter.

8 October 2016

Available for all its clients as of today, Powerspace’s CRM re-targeting feature allows advertisers and agencies to target their campaigns based on CRM segments.

Directly through the Powerspace platform, advertisers can now upload encrypted email segments and use them to target their digital campaigns with these offline data. Thanks to its cookieless data architecture, Powerspace’s CRM onboarding capability is highly reliable on all devices, with match rates ranging from 35% to 60%.

According to Powerspace, onboarding CRM in the same platform allows brands to implement every type of media activation strategies. Numerous clients, such as private sales e-commerce sites were long interested in excluding their members from their acquisition campaigns, in order to only pay for new prospects and visitors. “Such targeting or audience exclusion based on CRM data is now possible on Powerspace platform, with no additional cost for our clients” says Guillaume Lafond, Powerspace’s CEO and co-founder. CRM re-targeting also allows offline brands and retailer to re-target offline clients, even if they have never visited their website.
This advertising feature is a must have feature for a modern advertising platform. However as emphasis Guillaume Lafond “it is unusual for an independant ad tech to offer such targeting option while most companies providing it are the main social networks”

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