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powerspace ads New Generation Native Advertising

Powerspace Ads

Private Network Native Ads within Newsletters and Transactional Emails

Email is the n°1 usage for mobile and desktop users.
Yet, it is hard for marketers to reach out to users through this channel.
The marketing world needed a new way to connect with this vast and engaged audience.

Introducing Powerspace Ads, a new generation advertising platform that let advertisers deliver
targeted display ads directly within newsletters and transactional emails.

Total reach

  • 9,2M unique contacts
  • 255M Impressions
  • 1,25M Qualified clicks


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    Machine learning and BigData powered Platform

    Powerspace Ads computes trillions of datapoints each month, and uses it to find the most relevant campaigns to show at any moment to the users, depending on their profile and on the context of the interaction .

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    Powerful Targeting

    At the core of Powerspace Ads lies the ability to only reach out to the specific users that are interesting for you. We allow for very powerful targeting capabilities, combining demographics (gender and age), geographical, and contextual (time of the day, days of week, device brand & model..)

    Available soon
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    Real Timeclient exclusion

    Stop paying to acquire users that are already clients. Powerspace ads implements a breakthrough technology that prevents your ad from being showed to existing clients of yours. You only pay for your potentially new clients.

    Available soon
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    Powerspace ads is all about personnalisation. First, your ad naturally adapts to the design of each email it is embedded in, so the user engages even more with it. But it gets better: your very ad wording can be personnalised in realtime with dynamic elements: the city of the user, the name of the closest airport, the brand of their browsing device, etc..

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advertisers & agencies

We run Powerspace Ads campaigns for advertisers from all industries, with various types of advertising goals and return on investment targets.

they trust us

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ad formatsConsistency, Quality, Performance

Powerspace Ads are targeted for each individual user and delivered in real time, at the moment of
the opening of the Email.

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    Design for performance

    Powerspace Ads allow advertisers to setup precise copywriting elements that bestdescribe the promoted product or service. We know words are valued more than a catchy banner, developing trust and boosting conversions.

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    Context based integration

    We believe creatives should be both elegant and highly effective. To do so, our experts design custom templates for each publisher and position, making sure the ad fits naturally within the content, so the reader truly engages with your offer.

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    Dynamic Personalisation

    With Powerspace ads, you can personalise creative elements specific to the visitor right inside your ad: visitor’s city name, closest departure airport code, browser name, smartphone brand, and a lot more are available to make creatives even more personalized and boost response rates.

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    AB Testingand optimization

    Powerspace platform is designed for performance. We have created advanced A/B testing features in order to test both Ad copies and position Ad Templates variations.

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Audience Targeting

Powerspace Ads lets advertisers specifically target users based on demographics, location, device,
browser & OS, or other behavioural data.

targeting capabilities

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    Powerspace Ads lets advertisers target campaigns with demographic data such as age and gender in a very reliable fashion, as they could have done with any Facebook CPC campaign.

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    Additionally, with Powerspace Ads, you can choose to only show your advertisements to a group of users browsing a certain type of device.

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    Pick and choose the individuals you want to target based on any geographical rules: from countrybased down to citylevel. You can also target per region or any administrative area.

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    Browser and OS

    Choose to show your ad only to visitors browsing a specific combination of browsers and OS. We support both desktop-specific OS, and mobiles'.

Exclusive features

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    Device owners

    One step further in device targeting: Powerspace Ads lets you target device *owners*. Ads will be shown to them even when they browse from a different computer.

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    Running a timespecific offer? Our engine lets you target people only at certain hours of the day, or on specific days of the week.

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    City of residence

    Additionally to traditional geotargeting, Powerspace Ads makes it possible to perform a separated targeting based on the city the user *usually* connects from. This way you'd be able to reach people even when they travel or go on vacations.

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    Client status

    Powerspace Ads is definitely a weapon of choice for ROIbased campaigns, making it possible to exclude existing clients from any campaign.

We care about Privacy - Powerspace only manages anonymous data

Powerspace Network

Powerspace Ads manages custom ad positions in hundreds of different newsletters and transactional emails from premium publishers. Our proprietary ad formats and dynamic banner technology guarantee a high level of consistency and context integration to maximize users engagement.

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Pricing & Performance

Pay only for results, when Email Openers click on your Ads.

Cost per Click model (CPC)

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    No startup or technical Fees
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    Daily and monthly Budget
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    Pause and resume your campaign in one click

A solution built for performance

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    Conversion Tracking

    With Powerspace Ads, you can configure conversion goals and follow it closely in your dashboard and reports. You can track nonfinancial goals (leads), and also your sales and the revenue generated (Orders), as well as your mobile app downloads (2min install tops we are compatible with most mobile tracking platforms)

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    ROI optimization

    Powerspace ads is not another blind network. A team of marketing consultants manage your campaigns, dig into your conversion data, regardless of the budget you spend, and optimize your CPCs to create the best mix of conversions and ROI.

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    Network Transparency

    Powerspace can pass you details about the traffic source in your tracking links (compatible with Google Analytics and others). We also give you transparently the name of the publishers that bring you most traffic. We think you will like digital advertising made simple, transparent and virtuous.

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